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Pagans in Community at the Parliament

Pagans from a variety of countries and traditions are among those who have gathered in Melbourne, Australia for the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions, one of the world’s oldest and largest international interfaith gatherings.  The Parliament is taking place December 3-9.

Leaders and practitioners of a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions and from eighty countries around the world are participating.  Organizers expect up to 8,000 participants.

Pagans from many paths, organizations, and places are among the presenters at this year’s Parliament.   Pagans are also among those reporting on the 2009 Parliament.  And, there are now three Pagans in the Parliament’s administrative Council.

The Pagans at the Parliament Community has continued to develop with each Parliament since its rebirth in 1993 in Chicago.   Circle Sanctuary, Earth Spirit Community, Covenant of the Goddess, and Fellowship of Isis were among initial sponsoring organizations of the 1993 Parliament and I am thankful that additional Pagan organizations and individual paths  have joined in supporting this event over the years.

With each Parliament, the collaboration and communications among Pagan individuals and organizations has increased, and it is my hope that at this Parliament this also will be the case.

Having attended and been a speaker at previous Parliaments (1993 in Chicago, 1999 in Cape Town, and 2004 in Barcelona), I had hoped to also attend this one, but instead I am joining in spirit and  through the magic of cyberspace communications, including posts to Twitter (@Selena_Fox) and to my Facebook Fan Page, as well as reports via our Circle Times e-bulletin and at Circle Sanctuary’s blog, Circle Interfaith News.

I send special greetings and support to all the Pagans at this year’s Parliament as well as well-wishes to everyone who is part of the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

May there be sharing, caring, respect, understanding, and collaboration among all those who are part of the Parliament.

May the Parliament be a source of inspiration and a force for positive transformation to bring about more peace and cooperation among humans the world over and more well-being in the greater community of life, the Circle of Nature, of which we are all part.

Blessed Be,


Rev. Selena Fox
Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary
under the Full Moon at my Oak forest home near Barneveld, Wisconsin, USA

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roberto quintas | December 5, 2009 at 5:01 pm

could you send a portuguese version of the news and the speeches?

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